Newark, Delaware

Professional Unisys Software and Contract Programming


We write utility software that increases your productivity on Unisys ClearPath MCP.

ICD – introduced in 1984 as the first COBOL74 debugger.

Performance Doctor – graphically monitors activity on your mainframe from a PC with optional text message and email alerts.

W?LD*CRDS – brings powerful wildcard file searching to your terminal using CANDE's LFILES command.

PhoneAlert – sends text messages to your cell phone from your mainframe.


Contract Programming

ICD Group has experience in a wide array of computing languages, IDEs and computing environments.

We do custom programming in ALGOL, COBOL and NEWP for Unisys mainframes and in Visual Basic, VBA and C# in .NET for Microsoft Windows.

We are always receptive to new challenges and enjoy creative problem solving.